Gerry Anderson:  Composer and Poet, Guitar, mandolin, battente, bass, piano.








Gerry has been composing and arranging music across  diverse genres for many years.

Formally a member of Oltremara, he is currently one half of musical duo L’AmazzaCaffe.

Recent projects include providing the musical accompaniment for Carmen Cullen in her show “I’ll live ‘til I die” (celebrating the life and works of iconic Irish folk singer Delia Murphy) when it’s on tour both in Ireland and abroad; and a project to supply poems and musical notation for an art exhibition by Rita Anderson in The Gas Lamp Gallery.   from 6:45 mins. to 14 mins.



 Antonella Di Palo: Lyricist, Vocals, Tambourines,Dancing.

Haling from Naples, Antonella came to Ireland in 2009 and began teaching Italian folk dance. She was a founding member of Italian folk group Oltremara, and around this time began collaborating with Gerry Anderson on original compositions and is one half of the due L’AmazzaCaffe.

She is now the lyricist of Tambourine.

  Karima Dillon El-Toukhy - Flute, Guitar, Vocals, Bass, percussion

Karima started off studying classical flute and piano. Since then she has branched off and taken an interest in many other musical genres. Her Egyptian roots provide a unique perspective on world music and traditional folklore.

She has an interest in Americana roots music and performs regularly with Wicklow-based group Huegrass.

             Oona Mc Farland - Composer, Violin,vocals










Oona has a Masters in Music and Media Technology from Trinity College Dublin. As an accomplished audio visual artist, she has played many different styles of music and is currently enjoying exploring the rich Italian tradition of ancient folk music and dance with Tambourine.